Academy Listing and Reviews

Torres Martial Arts
Pedro Vianna BJJ
Valko BJJ
New Breed BJJ
Serafin BJJ – Coming soon!
Flo MMA – Coming soon!
Gracie Barra Chicago – Coming soon!
Luiz Claudio Combat Team – Coming soon!

Torres Martial Arts
Pedro Vianna
Valko BJJ
New Breed
Rio Jiu-Jitsu
Carlson Gracie BJJ
Gracie Barra Chicago
Gracie Barra Countryside
Gracie Barra The Loop
Curran Martial Arts Academy
Northside MMA
Carslon Gracie Naperville
Carslon Gracie Minooka
Carslon Gracie Merrillville
Carslon Gracie Schaumburg
Powersource Martial Arts
Midwest Training Center
Force BJJ
Serafin BJJ
Luiz Claudio Combat Team
Wrecking Ball Fight Facility
Uflacker Academy
Corral’s Martial Arts
Shadowhouse BJJ


10 Responses to Academy Listing and Reviews

  1. Sean Burke says:

    Please add Force Jiu Jitsu to your academy listing. Now in our 10th year.

    Thank You,

    Sean Burke

    • bjjinchicago says:

      hey sean,

      thanks for checking out the site! sorry i didn’t have you on the list already. i guess that’s the point of the site. too many good academies! would you be open to having me come and visit at some point in the future?

      thanks again,


  2. Max Byron says:

    Hey Brendan,

    Great work on the site. Please add LCCT to your list of schools – new academy with Luiz Claudio – 2x World Champion/11 year Rickson Black Belt – as the head instructor. School is on 23rd and Michigan Ave., come by and check it out!


  3. Please add Wrecking Ball Fight Facility. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is taught by 2nd degree Rigan Machado black belt Scott Goddard. The academy is located in Volo, IL, but I (in my opinion) feel it would be worth the trip to visit.

  4. Please add Uflacker Academy to the list, thank you.

  5. Bill says:

    We are an Alliance (5 time world BJJ Champions) affiliate. Located in DesPlaines, IL.
    Good work representing the Chicago BJJ scene. Stop in any time / add us to your Academy list please.

    Thanks, Bill

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