The survey results are in (part deux)!!!!

First, I owe everybody a huge THANK YOU for getting over 100 unique votes in the poll in under 5 days. 

That’s just amazing.  Thanks again.

I compiled the top winners (those with 5 votes and above) and based percentages off that.


The top vote getters were (in order):

  1. Serafin BJJ
  2. Flo MMA
  3. Gracie Barra Chicago
  4. Luiz Claudio Combat Team
  5. Rio Jiu Jitsu 
  6. Uflacker Academy
  7. Carlson Gracie Chicago
  8. Curran Martial Arts Academy
  9. Wrecking Ball Fight Facility

For those of you who voted for your academy, shoot me an email at and let me know what’s the best way to get ahold of your academy to schedule a visit (or post a comment below0! 

I’ve already gotten ahold of Jeff Serafin and can’t wait to get up to Evanston to visit!

Thanks again for voting!


“Call me!” courtesy of BJJ Globetrotter, Christian Graugart

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3 Responses to The survey results are in (part deux)!!!!

  1. You can get a hold of Wrecking Ball’s Scott Goddard at the number/e-mails below. Hope you stop by some time.


    Also, Wrecking Ball Fight Facility is on Facebook. They respond to messages and wall posts.

  2. Jacob S says:

    You can get ahold of the guys at Curran through the number and email:

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