Where should I visit next??? (part deux)

I’m looking to put together a summer schedule of gyms and academies that I’m going to visit.  I already have a few on my schedule, but the last poll was so popular, that I wanted to give everybody a chance to vote again to see where I should go. 

Link this to your academies homepage, facebook page, tell people at class, etc!!! (In addition to me plastering it all over the internet like it’s my job).

Last time one gym did this and really ran away with the poll.  This time, I’d love to see more people voting. 

Speaking of that, if I’ve already visited your academy, vote for a friend or affiliate!

My hope is that I can visit the gyms in the order they place on the polls and have them all done by summer!

In summary (tl;dr):

  1. Like us on facebook.
  2. Join the mailing list.
  3. Vote in the poll below.
  4. Check out the recent open mat times post.
  5. Tell your friends to vote in the poll.
  6. Be excellent to eachother.

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12 Responses to Where should I visit next??? (part deux)

  1. Gracie Barra Chicago is the biggest and first BJJ gym in Chicago, and we have excelent instruction.

    • bjjinchicago says:

      Have everybody from your academy visit the site and vote! We already have quite a few votes for GB Chicago, but I want over 100 votes before I close the poll!

  2. john says:

    flo mma

  3. Jason says:

    we all want to see rio jiu jitsu!! =)

  4. Vick Vinegar says:

    LCCT Luiz Claudio Combat Team

    • bjjinchicago says:

      They look like so much fun! I’ve been looking at so many cool facebook pictures! Whats the best way to get in touch with Luiz?

      • Vick Vinegar says:

        The best way would be to call monkey bar gym chicago (312) 488-1915. Luiz originally taught in Brazil and had a number of academies in the US that he came to give seminars to every couple of months. He just moved from Brazil to Chicago about 3 months ago and opened up the academy there in the new Monkey Bar Gym. Currently it is growing really fast and a lot of guys have left their previous academies to train with Luiz.

  5. Kyle says:

    Conviction Fitness – Home of Andre Madiz – Carlson Gracie Team http://www.andremadizmma.com

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