Gustavo Pires seminar! (GB Chicago – 4/13/11)

I caught word from my buddy Mark Braceros (MBGracieBarra on the Sherdog Forums) that everyone is welcome to attend a seminar they are having next week with Gustavo “Siri” Pires. He’s the black belt that won his weight and absolute at the Chicago open. He’ll be teaching some stuff for both closed and open guard on the 13th of april from 6-730 (closed guard), 730-9 (open guard).

Space is limited, and I’m not sure what the cost for non members are but its 60 for both sessions for GB guys (maybe it will be the same but I don’t know). Just call the GB Chicago office for more info! ((773) 334-5189).

When I first saw his name in my inbox from Mark, I thought… hmm… I know him from somewhere. Then I looked back at my older posts and realized that he was the one who DESTROYED at the Chicago Open. I’ll repost the vids because they are SICK!


HUGE thanks to Mark and Professor Adem Redzovic for opening this up to everybody

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One Response to Gustavo Pires seminar! (GB Chicago – 4/13/11)

  1. slideyfoot says:

    He used to teach at the Roger Gracie Academy in London: I remember he taught a lot of open guard sweeps.

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