The survey results are in!!!

Fear not!  The wait is over!!


The survey results are in!

I am incredibly happy to report that I had a lot more votes that I expected and you all spoke up about which gyms I should visit and review next.



1. With an overwhelming 40% of the votes, the winner is Valko BJJ!!


2. Also with a strong showing was New Breed


3. Gracie Barra Chicago


3. Rio Jiu-Jitsu


4. Curran Martial Arts


5. Carlson Gracie BJJ


I’m really excited to be able to visit these gyms in the future. 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit one every few weeks and give them the high quality review and visit they deserve (as opposed to just showing up one random night).


If you are one of the people that voted for a gym and train at one of these gyms, drop a comment below, send me an e-mail at, or get ahold of me on the Sherdog forums so I know somebody when I come in!


AND best of luck in the coming week to all of these gyms preparing for the  Winter Open!

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