Gym Review: Torres Martial Arts (2/3/11)

At Torres Academy, students can evolve with the ever changing aspects of hand-to-hand combat and the associated sports. A full range of martial art studies is available: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Whether a beginner or seasoned veteran, Torres Academy has specific programs to meet the needs of the student. Kids classes, women’s and men’s cardio-kickboxing, self-defense courses, competitive submission grappling, and full-contact training are offered.


Torres Martial Arts Gym
7030 Indianpolis Blvd.
Hammond, IN




Miguel Torres – Former WEC World Champion, BJJ Black Belt (Carlson Gracie), 38-3 MMA record, Pan American Silver Medalist


Andre ‘Maneco’ Leite – BJJ Black Belt (Carlson Gracie), Pan American Gold Medalist



Anthony Gomez and Bill Johnson


Jake Nauracy

Tom LeCuyer (with Ricardo Liborio after winning the Fila World Grappling Games)


Old Gym (yes, this was the whole thing)


New Gym



Weights Area


Dumbbells and Cage


Part of the mat space


Pads, Bags, Conditioning Area

My experience:

Class began with a discussion of what we were going to learn about that day and then went into warmups.  The warmups were traditional and included jogging, stretching, judo falls and rolls, technical standups, etc.

The second part of warmups included working basic armbars and other variations.

The class was made up of 5 blue belts, 3 white belts, and a purple belt (me).  This was an early morning class (10am).  As you see below, the class is not all men (there are a large number of very skilled women who train at Torres Martial Arts).

Technique for the day was a basic clock choke against a turtle.  Miguel is still training for his fight and Andre is teaching.  Andre showed the position from a lot of different angles as well as showing where to set up grips.  He used a very simple approach to teaching without variations (at first).  This seemed to allow all of the students to understand information prior to moving on to advanced techniques.

As the class was mostly blue belt and higher, we proceeded on to learn to attack the turtle  and the crucifix position.  The crucifix position was covered very briefly as it’s a very new position for everybody.


The sparring was intense and safe and all of the blue belts (usually about half of the class is blue belts or above) rolled about four or five  6 min. rounds.  As a gym that encourages competition, this helps students ready themselves for tournaments.


Andre rolls with Dustin


Chris rolls with Dan


The morning class.  Great turnout considering it was the Snowpocalyse outside.

Overall, this was an excellent experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend Torres Martial Arts to anybody in the Chicago area (especially those in northwest Indiana).


Andre’s immaculately well-behaved dog, Kia.

Thanks for reading!  Videos of the rolling at Torres Martial Arts will be up tomorrow!!


Pedro Vianna BJJ review will hopefully be up in a few more days!

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