The Federation comes back to Chicago!


The IBJJF Winter Open is almost upon us!

BJJ Legends writes about last year’s event:

With only a small, six-ring surface on the floor, the tournament was run with great efficiency. Ring coordinators alerted competitors when they were up and on deck, scorekeepers recorded points and kept time, and the referees were able to watch the competitors and keep track of points scored effectively. Injuries were also kept to a minimum, with both a chiropractor and a team of athletic trainers on site, doling out ice packs to fighters with aches and pains.

As a whole, officiating was successful, with only a few disputes and contests from coaches and competitors.


Last year, we also saw Ryan Hall and “Comprido” close out the black belt absolute division.

Hopefully, this year will deliver some awesome matches as well!




Be on weight! At the IBJJF tournaments, you must weigh in with your gi on right before you step on the mat.  Last year, several competitors were disqualified because the scale fluctuated between the top weight in their class and one lb. over.  Make sure you are on weight (or even under; with your gi on!) before you show up to compete.


Register early! Remember, this tournament is all preregistration so make sure you know that you will be able to compete and what weight class you will be in.


Check your gi! Check here to make sure that your gi meets all of the IBJJF requirements and regulations (including length, condition, and patch placement).



The tournament will take place on February 26th.

Registration deadline: February 16th
$82.00 by 2/2/2011
$97.00 by 2/16/2011

Registration check day: February 23rd
Tournament place: Chicago State University

Chicago State University
Emil and Patricia Jones Convocation Center
9501 South Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago



And, as always, don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list and leave a comment below!

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