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**Upcoming Academy Reviews**

May 28th – Serafin BJJ visit

May 28th – New Breed BJJ visit

May 28th – Subculture preview???

June 11th – Mota Martial Arts Grand Opening

June 16th – Gracie Barra Chicago Visit

I’ll also be setting up my visit to Flo / Brasa this week!


Do you train at a Chicago BJJ/Grappling/MMA academy?  Do you compete regularly?  Have you won local tournaments? national tournaments?


I want to start hilighting some of the amazing competitors that we have in our area on the site.  If you’re interested, email me at  If you’re too humble to e-mail me about yourself, recommend somebody who you train with!  I already have a few of the top competitors on board so this list will grow fast!

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Mark your calendars – August 21st

Mark your calendars friends.


August 21st will be here before you know it….

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The survey results are in (part deux)!!!!

First, I owe everybody a huge THANK YOU for getting over 100 unique votes in the poll in under 5 days. 

That’s just amazing.  Thanks again.

I compiled the top winners (those with 5 votes and above) and based percentages off that.

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Where should I visit next??? (part deux)

I’m looking to put together a summer schedule of gyms and academies that I’m going to visit.  I already have a few on my schedule, but the last poll was so popular, that I wanted to give everybody a chance to vote again to see where I should go. 

Link this to your academies homepage, facebook page, tell people at class, etc!!! (In addition to me plastering it all over the internet like it’s my job).

Last time one gym did this and really ran away with the poll.  This time, I’d love to see more people voting. 

Speaking of that, if I’ve already visited your academy, vote for a friend or affiliate!

My hope is that I can visit the gyms in the order they place on the polls and have them all done by summer!

In summary (tl;dr):

  1. Like us on facebook.
  2. Join the mailing list.
  3. Vote in the poll below.
  4. Check out the recent open mat times post.
  5. Tell your friends to vote in the poll.
  6. Be excellent to eachother.

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Open Mat times!!

1. There’s an awesome widget on the right side of an interactive map of all of the bjj gyms in the Chicago area.  It’s awesome so get on that.

2. I did some digging and put together as comprehensive a list as I could of all of the Open Mat times for academies in our area.  This is not to say that there are not other open mat times at other academies, they just do not have them listed on their website. 

I have also starred (**) the academies that welcome visitors to their open mat sessions to train (they either mention this on their site or I know firsthand that they do).

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Coming Soon!

I want to first thank everybody who continues to check the blog day after day.  My New Breed academy review brought me to the highest total ever for the site. 

Over 550 views in a single day. 

This is amazing and I have only you to thank.


I have a few things coming up that we should start getting excited about!!!!

^Well… maybe not that excited

  • US Grappling Chicago Tournament Summary / Review
  • Collection of all open mat times at all of the major Chicago Academies
  • Where should I visit next poll (yes.. again.. I want to know who you want to see!!)
  • Mota Martial Arts’ Grand Opening (June 11, 2011)
  • Hoosier Open Preview
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New Breed Jiu-Jitsu – Chicago Gym Review (4/5/11)


New Breed BJJ
5647 W Howard
Niles, IL 60077

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